Discovering hidden talent and passion

My research into plant-based, whole foods and vegan products has led me down an interesting path of discovery. I am learning so much about human beings, nutrition and ALOT about myself. I've always been hugely ambitious on crafting. Scouring Pinterest page after page for new little things to make. I discovered that I have a… Continue reading Discovering hidden talent and passion


Flop and start over….

Look at this disaster. I am sure you are wondering what the hell this is. I can only hang my head in exasperation. These little numbers are the result at a failed attempt at using Isomalt without conducting proper research. No thermometer, no instructions and no plan of action. I went in blindly thinking that… Continue reading Flop and start over….

The first Hollihop, crashes and burns

Plant Hollihop


A sad attempt at the first PlantHop resulted in wasting money, a couple of singed fingers and a chastized, deflated ego. When I set out to create this little sucker I was filled with hope and positivity. I tested the process with regular sugar, found a couple of pretty organic flowers and the usual materials. Absolutely annoyed that I couldn’t find a couple of decent molds to use, I used the only one I could find without a ridiculous print and punched some holes in them. When the consistency appeared just about right, I poured them into the molds and waited. Ah! they don’t set so what now. Time to start from scratch. I start a new batch, not realizing that I couldn’t wing it and that I need a bloody sugar thermometer. Yes, I watched a video and saw that I would need one but I’m a damn…

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